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Buskett Gardens

Buskett GardensI went for some sightseeing again to have some fun and do some research at the same time. This time the winner was the place called Buskett Gardens. The word “garden” left me some hope for a green area, as I was missing this color lately pretty much.

What should you know about the place?

Buskett in Siġġiewi is located the south of Rabat and east of Dingli. It is Malta’s only real woodland, the one of the greenest area on the island.

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View from Red Tower

Red Tower viewI’m back with some more pictures from Red Tower, Mellieha. About the description and the history of the place you can read in the previous post here. This article is dedicated to the view from the rocks, as again I felt those pictures deserve a separate article.

The roof of St. Agatha tower opens a window to very beautiful and marvelous views over Mellieha Bay and over the Straits of Comino all the way to Gozo.

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LOVE sign

Love signI have decided to continue with spreading love; after all we are just recovering from last week Valentine’s. Hopefully all the couples in love continue loving each other the same way as they did it on the 14th. What I will write about today is the loveliest, sweetest and nicest spot in Malta, definitely my No.1 favorite: the LOVE sign.

Unfortunately I don’t have many facts to say about it. The LOVE sign is a statue on Spinola Bay, in the middle of Saint Julians, which was built by the local artist, architect: Richard England.

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Hugo’s Terrace

Hugo's TerraceThis Wednesday night was the night of the official opening of the new Hugo’s terrace. However the place was “unofficially” open since last Friday, so I had enough time to spend few days and hours at the bar, to be impressed enough and to fell in love with the atmosphere to write this review about it.

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The Love Plane

Valentine's Day Love PlaneJust like Christmas in December or the month with your birthday, February has its holiday too: the well-known Valentine.

14th February just lights up in your calendar, marked with red numbers every year. This date triggers so many different emotions in people, but let me share my personal thoughts about the Maltese Valentine’s Day.

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