Marijuana Use in Malta

Cannabis MaltaMarijuana, known as weed, cannabis, spliff etc, is an illegal drug in Malta. Maltese law takes a harsh stance against illicit drugs of any kind, even those categorised as “soft” drugs elsewhere. Importation of illegal drugs should not even be contemplated by anyone, even if it’s a small amount for personal use.

Customs employ advanced detection techniques with sniffer dogs at the airport, and prison terms are often handed out to offenders. In addition the police and the armed forces work together to intercept any trafficking by sea.

During 2007, an Egyptian national was sentenced to a 12 year custodial sentence and fined 15,000 Maltese Liri (about 35,000 Euros) for possession and dealing 14 kilograms of cannabis resin (hashish).

Use of the drug in Malta is fairly low when compared to the rest of Europe, with around 7/8% of the population indulging at least once in a lifetime. However, being a Mediterranean island with a warm climate, the country attracts a large number of tourists, especially in summer months, when there are a variety of concerts (Isle of MTV, for example), and outdoor events with top international DJs. Illicit drug use amongst young Maltese and tourists alike, is on the increase. The police have now established a major presence at these events, and the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) stage regular roadblocks on routes leading to and from these events.

Cannabis cultivation is not very common, even though the climate favours its growth, and this is probably due to the lengthy sentences handed down to those who grow the plants. Being caught with marijuana plants is a serious crime, similar to trafficking, and the penalties seem to be effective in stemming the activity, for both personal and commercial reasons.

24 thoughts on “Marijuana Use in Malta

  1. It’s incredible there still ignorant people in Malta, otherwise they could regulate cannabis like alcohol or cigarettes. I don’t understand how come alcohol and cigarettes do more damage then cannabis and are legal. In countries like Amsterdam, Florida, California and Nevada, cannabis use is not only legal, but you can buy it from the pharmacy as medicine. But in Malta no, there’s still ignorant people who don’t know the benefits of this plant that after all god gave us.

  2. I agree with Nigel, Cannabis has less damaging effects than cigarettes. It’s a natural plant, not some drug with added stuff to it.

  3. I am Maltese and I have to say that the people making these laws are frikkin ignorant! I would not have to be worried about having lung cancer if marijuana was legal, since I would roll a joint every once in a while instead of smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. For me and many others smoking one joint of marijuana a day removes the need to smoke 60 cigarettes or more a day, which is pretty damn good.

    Marijuana is natural and good, I only hope that when the people in charge die out there will only be us youths and we will all understand each other and adapt our laws as we see fit, the good way. I can understand if someone chooses not to use it, but that should be their choice, this is my body and I would have me do with it as I please, I am an adult now and I can make up my own mind.

    I don’t need some ignorant bastards making these choices for me, thank you very much!

  4. Hiya, I’m going Malta in August and just wondering how to make new friends!

  5. Hi all, I’m off to Malta in August too with my GF. I’ve sent you friend request Nigel. Anyone else from Malta? We will be looking for friends ;-)

  6. Yea I’m from here Malta, just go on and add me as a friend! bye bye cyu man :)

  7. Hi Nigel! We are two friends from Spain here in Malta, search for me on Facebook my name is Héctor Milián.

  8. Hi, I will be in Malta May 1st. Looking for a few new friends as I am moving there for work. I live in the UK now, but I am from the States. It would be great to meet up and say hi, here’s my email

  9. I love weed, legal or not everyone will be able to get it, it’s just not that easy to find. If it was legal everyone at work would be dopey and very inconsistent. Think of everyone being at work stoned…

  10. Hey, the guy that emailed me about Malta (two comments above), email me again please!

  11. The ignorance is appalling. Cannabis is medicine and responsible citizens tend to like it over alcohol. The citizens who say legalization will turn society into a bunch of stoners are assuming and generalizing big time. Be real jail for a herb that heals is cruel and unusual.

  12. Well, for all you idiots out there here it is. Weed causes long term mental problems. My son was on it from fifteen. He is now twenty five and has serious issues. Thank God I just always loved a drink and a ciggie. I’ve spent tens of thousands of pounds sorting my ‘dopey’ son out, because of this disgusting substance. It is alright you stupid youngsters extolling the virtues now, wait ten years and see what you get-even if you haven’t progressed to class A. I’m seventy four, drink wine and smoke in the evenings and am in good health. I might collapse tomorrow, but I’ve had a better run than you lot will. And I don’t drink and drive. How many idiots cause death and injury on the roads, because they are high as kites on spliff. The stupidity of youth is apparent here in large doses.

  13. I have smoked weed for over 40 years, I walk, run, swim and still work. I am still as alert as I was when I was a teen, so all this stuff about smoking weed and you end up a waste of space is just so untrue. Drink causes much more problems, and yet we consider that to be OK. Go to the hospital Saturday night, full of drunks both male and female, wanting to fight each other and even the doctors and nurses. Any puff heads there? No, they are all at home chilling, listening to music and munching.

  14. Replying to “Mr. Palmer”, quote: “And I don’t drink and drive. How many idiots cause death and injury on the roads, because they are high as kites on spliff”.

    You really need to check your information, there are almost ZERO people driving HIGH compared to people who are driving DRUNK.

    Also about your son, he most likely either:
    1) smoked way too much at the age of 15 as you said;
    2) his cannabis had serious mold, or was mixed up with dangerous chemicals;
    3) he has done other drugs;
    4) he is in some degree allergic to something in it and his brain got the worst of it (yes, you can be allergic to it).

    When you are high, you don’t want to do anything else but to sit down, chill, laugh, eat/drink and sleep.

    Peace, and see you soon Malta ;)

  15. I was gonna reply to you Mr. Palmer but looks like Grandad and Swedish answered you from experience, which was a very good answer. Thanks for saving me the time to deal with idiots like Mr. Palmer who thinks weed is bad. Politicians in Malta are like Mr. Palmer and that’s why we got drunks driving and causing deaths and injuries. Keep this in mind mate, that if you’re “high as kites” (as you said it), you’ll be home in front of the TV smoking a spliff and eating.

  16. Who the hell cares about weed? If you want it, you will get it. It’s the same with all the drugs. I am stoned in work everyday and I am doing fine! Thumbs up MTA, die government…

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