Minimum Wage in Malta

Minimum Wage in Malta (Euro)Malta sets a minimum wage for all employees regardless of whether a worker is a Maltese or foreign National. According to Legal Notice 378 of 2009, Malta’s national weekly minimum wage for 2010 is

€142.67 for employees aged under 17 years,
€145.51 for employees aged 17 years,
€152.29 for employees aged 18 years and over.

Increases in minimum wage levels are linked to the cost of living and inflation rates of the preceding twelve months and minimum wage levels are adjusted on an annual basis.

The minimum wage is based on an eight hour working day.

The majority of countries in the EU apply minimum wage levels to salaries and earnings. Malta’s (at just under €660 per calendar month) is higher than approximate levels found in Spain (€633), Portugal (€475), Slovakia (€307) and Montenegro (just €55). However, in Greece (€740) and Cyprus (€840), close neighbours to Malta, the rate is slightly higher. In other northern European countries, the National minimum wage is considerably higher, at over €1000 per month in Luxembourg (€1682), Ireland (€1500), Belgium (€1440), The Netherlands (€1398), France (€1337 for a seven hour working-day) and Austria (€1000). Italy and Germany amongst others, don’t set a National minimum wage – instead wage levels are set by collective bargaining and differ from industry to industry and by job function

On 22nd March 2010, Dr Lawrence Gonzi, The Prime Minister of Malta, stated that the minimum wage ranked the best in the EU when compared to the country’s average wage. This could indicate that Malta’s average wage is close to the level of the minimum wage.

For more information about the minimum wage in Malta, and about other working conditions, contact the Ministry of Education, Employment and The Family:

Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family (MEEF)
Palazzo Ferreria
310 Republic Street
Valletta VLT 2000

Tel: (+356) 2590 3100
Fax: (+356) 2590 3121

10 thoughts on “Minimum Wage in Malta

  1. Hi,

    Very nice website.

    I would like to ask you something, the minimum wage seems quite low in Malta, I was offered a job in Sliema for 19k euros per year (before tax). Do you think it is a decent wage, can I live well with such wages in Malta?

  2. Hi Nelson,

    That’s about 1,600 euros gross a month and most probably will receive in hand something less than 1,200 euros. With that amount of money available I understand you can live comfortably, then again will depend your standard of living. Some people can cope with much less, some others will want more just to cover their monthly costs.

    Will list you what I think are the generic monthly costs here just for reference. Let’s say rent for a basic apartment will cost 300 euros, food shopping maybe 200 euros, water & electricity another 100 euros, telephone & internet 50 euros, etc. Following this reasoning, one will need around 700 euros in total to cover necessities.

    However you could easily reach 1000 euros a month in costs if you opt for a nicer apartment, include transport costs, etc. I would say that 19k euros a year, would be an above average wage.

    Hope I helped you out a bit :)

  3. Hi, I did a job for a racing school, as head of instruction. I decide how much to charge my employer. Can you tell me what is the average salary of an instructor pilot? Thanks.

  4. Hi,

    I got an offer from Malta for 25k euros annually (before tax). I am now living in India. If I relocate with my family members (wife and 8 years old daughter), what will be the approximate cost of living for things such as tax, school fees, transport and food etc. Can we live well with such wages in Malta? can we save at least 30% of our income. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Shankar,

    Considering the minimum wage in Malta is less than 1k a month and you will be earning more than double that, should manage just fine. As regarding taxes, I understand we pay 10% for National Insurance and in your case around 15-20% in Income Tax. That should leave you with around 1.5k in hand nonetheless.

    As regarding costs, check my previous reply above cause should apply to you too. I reckon you should manage to save 500 euros a month, maybe not the first few months until you settle in and buy some extraordinary stuff.

  6. Hello. I am interested in studying in Malta and I wonder if a student, working a part-time job could earn enough to cover his own expenses (accommodation, food, public transport). Is it relatively easy for a student to find job in Malta? Any details including average wage will be really helpful, thanks.

  7. Hi! I am pastor Dominic. I will like to estabilish my church in Malta. Can I have a connection to setup this? Thanks for now.

  8. I would like to know the minimum wage per hour here in Malta for a sixteen year old, who is still a student, after the N.I is paid. Thanks.

  9. There is NO chance of getting a well paid job in Malta and little chance of getting a job that is low paid, unless you studied nuclear science at CALTECH or Oxford. It’s best to let the Maltese and Gozitans get the jobs, because they are so few on the ground owing to the small size of the islands and the economy. Many folks over here work two or three jobs to make ends meet. Hell, my UK pension is over twice the minimum wage. I would feel guilty wanting to deprive anyone of a job over here as I have money coming in.

  10. I’m a Filipino citizen, a Medical Laboratory Scientist in profession. My colleagues and I received this letter from Council Complementary to Medicine for an interview against the Adjudicating Council. This is to complete our registration and be able to work in Malta Hospitals. Our problem is if there’s a guarantee of employment? After our registration we’ve planned of looking for a job/employer and can take care of our work permit issues. Can you give us information and advice regarding this matter. Your assistance would be very valuable to us. We are really interested working in this country whether as a medical lab scientist, caregiver, or any domestic jobs. Thank you!

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