Smart City Malta

Smart City Malta

Smart City Malta is a joint project between the Maltese Government and SmartCity, which will create a lot of investment, business and job opportunities in Malta.

SmartCity, a company owned by Sama Dubai and TECOM Investments, has already established a network of impressive state-of-the-art cities around the world. The biggest projects to date are those in Dubai and Kochi.

Malta will be the perfect location in Europe for the next Smart City. Not only because of the strategic location Malta commands in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, but also because the Maltese people are aiming to become among the most advanced countries within the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry. For this reason, Smart City Malta project managers will be doing their utmost to make this venture successful both for local and foreign interests.

A SmartCity is host to various business opportunities, since it includes hospitals, hotels and residential areas, commercial and retail shopping outlets as well as education facilities and schools. Although the business section will be the most prominent, there will also be specially designed areas for entertainment and recreation, such as health and sports clubs, cinemas, etc. Smart City Malta will also include large public green spaces and a huge lagoon in the center too.


If you’re looking for Smart City Malta jobs, we will try to post them here online from time to time and keep you updated.

Besides information about what qualifications needed for a job in Smart City Malta, we will display lists of candidates who are interested to apply for positions too.

For more details and latest news, feel free to check out Smart City’s official website. Malta blogs like this can be really helpful to help sharing ideas and discuss the pros and cons such major investments can bring to the islands.

47 thoughts on “Smart City Malta

  1. Is the project looking for any Construction Personnel? I am from the UK and seeking to return to a working position in Malta!

  2. Where can I find out about building/plumbing work available at Smart City Malta?

  3. I was just wondering whether there was any vacancies for a receptionist or some type of call center for in bound and out bound calls.

  4. Is there any vacancy for backend technician. supporter (voice or non-voice), administrator, etc? Email me please, I’m a systems administrator from Dubai.

  5. How green is Smart City actually? What has been done at its design stage to counter act the large energy demand that it will create?

  6. I’m an HSE professional, NEBOSH certified, Earth & Environmental Sciences Degree and having large project construction experience. Previously worked in Spain, Gibraltar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UK. Now permanently living in Msida, Malta.

  7. I’m a civil site engineer, previously working for construction of Mater Dei Hospital and presently working in Mauritius as a coordinator in the Apollo Hospital project … Looking forward to come and work again in Malta’s Smart City.

  8. I am a Maltese national living and working in Dubai. Would like to be informed on any jobs related to Smart City Malta, thanks.

  9. I am looking for a job at SmartCity Malta, as a site construction supervisor. I have over 15 years experience and was recently involved in the Tigne project with a particular construction company. Other projects I was involved in are building hotels, old people homes and even residential apartments. Thanks.

  10. I am a professional Project Manager/Quantity Surveyor residing in Malta with over 14 years experience in multimillion projects, wishing to offer my assistance in the Smart City Project. Should you be interested please send me note. Compliments for your good work. Best Regard F.G.

  11. I am a Project Manager residing in Malta with over 20 years experience in multimillion projects, wishing to offer my assistance in the Smart City Project. Should you be interested please send me a note. Best regards, Carl Balzan.

  12. I am data engineer (telecommunications) installer and am seeking employment in Smart City in Malta. I have experience in copper, fiber installations and terminations. I have my family who live in Malta, and I am wondering if there is any employment at Smart City. If you require my assistance please contact. Best regards, Brian Peters.

  13. My name is Judy Spiteri and I live exactly 300 metres away from SmartCity. Would you need an office cleaner full time? I work in the housekeeping department at Hilton Malta, but would be very nice to find such a job nearby where I live. I will be even interested in some of the projects that may soon be finished and looking for a person like me. Thank you.

  14. Hi, looking for a job in Malta SmartCity as Senior Business Analyst. Please let me know if you have any vacancies.

  15. I would like to work part time, preferably in the mornings. Job required can vary from reception/clerical work to child minding, if there was a centre on site available for all those working parents. Previously worked in administration, time keeping, sales representative and customer service.

  16. Anybody interested to rent a 3 bedroom apartment fully furnished 2 mins away from SmartCity? It might be very handy to live in the nearby area. If interested, email me. Thank you.

  17. I would like to ask if there will be any shops in Smart City, like restaurants, cafes etc.

  18. I am Togolese living in Malta, looking for job opportunity as a Cranes Operator.

  19. Smart City first building is nearly finished, where can I apply for a vacancy? I live only 2 mins away, thank you.

  20. Hi, I live about 5 mins away from Smart City Malta, a village named Zabbar. Are there any vacancies for security? I have 25 years experience in the matter. Please contact me.

  21. I am interested in working as a sales assistant, I have 11 years experience too please inform me.

  22. Is there any work in I.T or Accounts? I’m 19 British lad who wants to move to be closer to his girlfriend in Malta. Will be interested in any full times jobs. Will do anything, thanks.

  23. I am an assistant chief of security within a prominent 5 star hotel in Malta. I would like to go a step further in my carrier. Thank you.

  24. Hi,

    I am currently working as a Supervisor in the Cleaning Sector. I have 14 years experience and excellent managerial skills. I would be interested to working at Smart City in this role.

    Thank you in advance.

  25. I am interested in a full time job, I would like to change career. Please contact me by email. Thanks in advance.

  26. It would be very much appreciated if I could be considered for a position of a Graphic Designer if the vacancy arises at Smart City. I am a graduate from New York City, now living permanently in Malta. Please view my portfolio on my website. Thanking you in anticipation.

  27. I am currently working as a construction supervisor, I have a long and excellent experience. I do all kind of jobs on construction, and live a few seconds away from Smart City. Hope to hear from you, thanks.

  28. I would like a full time job as a sales assistant or a cashier in a super market. If there will be any vacancies in Smart City, please let me know. Thanks.

  29. I am a housewife, living near Smart City and I would like to work there. If there any vacancies, please let me know, thanks.

  30. I’m an IT specialist (DBA, DWH, BI) and would like to work at SmartCity Malta. Let me know where jobs are listed please.

  31. Hi,

    I’m interested in a full time job. Been recently working in sales, but for any type of vacancies please contact me. Thanks.

  32. I have a BSc (Hons) Computing degree (2:1) and I have three years experience in the IT field, most of which focused on Web Development using the Microsoft.NET framework. This includes working in a multicultural team environment towards deadlines. My language skills include fluency in English, Maltese, Italian and I can read Arabic which I studied at school and have obtained an ordinary level certificate also.

    Please contact me if you have any vacancies, thanks.

  33. Hi ,I am looking for a job in Malta SmartCity as an accountant, cashier or any clerical post. I am working in a financial institution for last 5 years. Please inform me here if you have any vacancies.

  34. I am a diploma civil engineer having 26 years experience in building & construction and 8 years experience in piling, Middle East. Looking for a suitable position.

  35. Hi, can anyone tell me if SmartCity is still being built? If so, where to apply as an electrician? I’m fully qualified to UK standards and hold appropriate qualifications to work anywhere. Would like to come to Malta, as family and friends are there, thanks.

  36. I am interested in working as a beauty/spa therapist/masseuse. Been in this field for over 20 years, where I have managed a spa and also worked hands on clients. Any vacancies available please advice.

  37. I work as interior decorator and as body builder and fitness instructor. If you have vacancies, please contact me. I live in Pozzallo, Sicily very close to Malta.

  38. I am Maltese living in the South of the Island, which means very close to Smart City. I run a relocation company offering all services, people coming to work/live at Smart City will need. I would love to work at Smart City as I am sure I have plenty to offer to this venture.

  39. I am looking for a project manager’s job. Should you have anything available, kindly contact.

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