Malta Song for Europe 2009

Malta Song for Europe 2009 by Chiara

“What if we” win the Eurovision Song Contest 2009? The Maltese nation and most certainly even Chiara, the winner of Malta Song for Europe 2009 will be asking the same question too.

Maltese talents have been attending the Eurovision Song Contest since 1971 and achieved the best results in 2002 and 2005, finishing 2nd on both occasions.

In 2002 it was Ira Losco with her song “7th Wonder” and in 2005 Chiara sang “Angel”. On the 7th of February Chiara singing “What if We” won EuroSong 2009 and will there represent Malta for the 2nd time at the Eurovision.

> Click here to watch the video clip of “What if We” by Chiara <

Malta Song for Europe 2009 is actually the winning song at EuroSong 2009, a competition organized by the PBS (Public Broadcasting Services) Malta. 80 songs were initially selected for participation. During the heats that started in November 2008, an international panel of judges choose 15 entries to make up the final, whilst another 5 songs where chosen by the public through a telephone voting system.

The final was held on 7th February 2009. After an incredible evening, which attracted a huge crowd and thousands of Maltese people watching from home, the following 3 singers where selected by the judges to make it to the super final.

  1. Chiara singing “What if We”, composed by Marc Paelinck and written by Gregory Bilsen;
  2. Q with the song “Before You Walk Away”, composer Paul Giordmaina and lyricist Fleur Balzan;
  3. Eleonor Cassar singing “Someday”, with Paul Giordmaina and Fleur Balzan as composer and lyricist respectively.

The EuroSong 2009 winner was chosen by televoting. Chiara managed to obtain over 12,000 votes and won the contest, 2nd placed Q got almost 10,000 votes. Malta Song for Europe 2009 is therefore “What if We” and we wish the best of luck to Chiara at this year’s Eurovision in Moscow, Russia.

What do you think about Malta’s chances for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

5 thoughts on “Malta Song for Europe 2009

  1. Judging by last couple of years, this will again be a win for Eastern Europe.

  2. We love Chiara and her song is so beautiful! We wish her all the best at the Eurovision 2009. Have heard some of the competing songs, and there are some good quality songs too. It will be a tough one I think. We’ll see … but we will definitely be rooting for Chiara! :)

  3. Chiara, I’m one of the many persons who’s obsessed with your extraordinary voice!

    I’m glad we have found a talent like you. You are a very special person, keep up the positive spirit and never let anyone or anything put you down, you deserve the best.

    RE: Eurovision 2009 Malta
    Good luck Chiara!

  4. Well done Chiara! You just have shown what we said in the beginning, i.e. it was all voice, but no song. I think there is a whole manipulation behind the this song for Europe. What is needed is a total clean out, including committee and judges. We need fresh young minds, foreign judges and new songwriters. We have got tired on seeing the same old people again and again, enough is enough!

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