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The Times of Malta

Malta’s most popular newspaper is now online too! Covering daily the most important news about the Maltese Islands.

The Malta Times today includes a section about the latest financial and money issues, increasing business opportunities and details about more foreign companies investing locally.

Find here on this ever popular Malta Blog, news that you won’t even find on the Times of Malta, Sunday Times or anywhere else online!

How much does the Times of Malta costs?

Today’s Malta Times newspaper can be bought locally for only €0.50. It usually includes all the latest news about politics, legal issues, the travel and motoring industry, education sector (with special emphasis about the university), technology and software, finance and most definitely local and world sports. Classified advertising including career opportunities occupy a large section too, especially during the weekend.

One can read today’s Malta Times online for free by clicking here. The Times of Malta official web site also includes web 2.0 features with the aim of serving the community better and encouraging discussions. Such services include regularly updated blogs by prominent Maltese people, with search and commenting facilities. Expressing one’s opinion on any topic is always welcome.

The Times of Malta is an authorative reference, full of information for both locals and foreigners who want to know what’s happening today. Back issues of this newspaper can be ordered or downloaded too. Online one will also find media facilities, such as the ability to see and download video clips and photos. Check out the latest interviews too!

Published by the same company (Allied Newspapers Limited), the Malta Sunday Times is slight more expensive and is sold for €1.00, because it attracts more interest and includes much more information.

14 thoughts on “Malta Times Newspaper

  1. Hello there,

    I am a French girl leaving in Malta and working for a gambling company. Looking for a flat with one or two rooms in Sliema or St Julians area, to rent it for a long term starting from the 1st February and directly from owner if at all possible. Preferably need it fully furnished and modern … for a maximum rent of 400 euros per month.

    You can contact me on my mobile 99515080.

    Kind regards,
    Gabriella Capella

  2. Why is Air Malta taking advantage of us Maltese stuck in Libya and charging us 800 Euros for tickets to come to Malta? The Government should help us out and get us out even if we have no tickets or passports!

  3. U ejja come on. The govt tried a lot to provide u with free transport to Malta. If u didn’t come it’s your problem.

  4. To all readers,

    It is utterly disgusting and unreal, how dare the prime minister allow Air Malta charging 800 Euros when other countries are offering compassionate flights for free just to get their nationals safely back home. Take this issue to the human rights organization and make the prime minister and parliament act with respect and dignity, if they know what the latter means.

  5. I am a 76 years old man from Maltese ancestors. I have bring searching my family ancestor and I got records from all around the globe, but when it comes to Malta they want you to specify your family tree. The rest of the country i have written to them I got are probably good or bad. I am not asking for a part of Malta, I am asking for my ancestors family. The agency in Malta is useless, the church can not read their names in the record books, because having so many nationality in Malta. Churches did not know how to spell or they were not Maltese and wrote in Italian instead.

    Could some body give some direction to try and find my ancestor? I have been writing for years, they are ignorant, they do not answer back. Here is the last place I will write, after that I will get hold of what I got and say “ancestor of known ignorant Maltese from Malta”.

  6. Dear Arriva,

    Last night it took me 3.5 hours to get home from Sliema to Bugibba, all 4 busses where full! The next bus was number 12 and was not full and he drove pass the stop? PLEASE can we have more 11 and 12 busses going to bugibba. I await your response. A very upset & angry passenger!

    Jan Dennis

  7. Dear Arriva,

    I have been using the bus service on a regular basis for the last 30 years. I can tell you outright that your service (up to now) is a shambles and irregular. I prefer any day the previous buses (without a/c), cause before I never was late for work. Now I’m lucky if I get there at all or worse get back home after work. So you better shape up fast your service.

  8. Transport Malta are money grabbers. To obtain a license to drive they are ripping off the new drivers by failing them several times even though they know very well that the driver should get a pass. May who ever is responsible gets what he deserves in the end. Robbers, cheaters, scums …

  9. I live in a peaceful, tranquil area. However since Melita Football ground has been blossoming, our tranquility has been terminated! Last night was one of the examples! At 1:45am I was woken up from my sleep with disco music which was utterly loud and shook me up. Soon the rest of my family woke up. I could hear the song saying: “ahna tal-Melita u hadd ma jista ghalina!” and “tonight’s gonna be a good night!”. After half an hour I called the police and thank God the music was stopped at 2:45am.

    I want to tell those who organise such events to consider that there are families living near, some of which are elderly, sick and infants! You are supposed to educate the youngsters attending, consideration for others and respect, or is this not in your curriculum?

  10. If you want a bus service that works, then get rid of the Maltese who could not organise a piss up in a brewery and get the English to sort it out. By the way, I am an English bus driver working for Arriva in Malta. Too many old bus drivers with old bus drivers’ mentality there.

  11. Just to let you know, The Times of Malta (and not Malta Times) is now sold for €1 and The Sunday Times for €1.20, thank you.

  12. Dear Prime minister,

    What is happening with the pharmacy of your choice? My blood relative who is under my care desperately needs his medicine that has been out of stock for more than 3 months. This is a patient that has had leukemia in the past and needs to take the medicine for the rest of his life. Isn’t this a just case enough to qualify for free medicine? I call at Mater Dei Hospital to see if I can pick my medicine from there and they tell me it is out of stock. Is it possible that at the hospital we do not have the necessary medicine for these cases? I am hoping that my comment does not reach deaf ears and provide these genuine cases with regular medicine without more delay.


  13. What makes you think the English can sort it out? They can’t sort their own problems, let alone other countries. Live for today, forget 50 years ago.