Restaurants in Marsaxlokk & St Julians

Fish plate in a typical Marsaxlokk restaurantMarsaxlokk is a typical Maltese fishing village situated in the South of Malta. An outside market is held there on a daily basis where you can also buy freshly caught fish and seafood.

The coast is littered with authentic fish restaurants offering all sorts of warm and cold fish and shellfish dishes. Prices in this area are reasonable but if ordering fresh fish always ask for the price before. You can have a look at their menus outside but they all pretty much offer the same type of dishes. However do have a look as they also show the prices, which vary from one establishment to another.

2 of my personal favourite fish restaurants in Marsaxlokk are:

La Capanna Restaurant – Everything I have eaten there has been excellent but I simply love their shellfish platter. This usually includes different types of Mussels, Octopus, a variety of Clams and King Prawns. As I mentioned previously this may vary according to availability.

La Capanna Restauarnt
60, Xatt is-Sajjieda
Tel: 21 657755

Ir-Rizzu Restaurant – Probably one of the busiest restaurants in this area, its reputation precedes it all over the Maltese islands. Their menu is very vast so ask a waiter for his or her recommendations. You can also have a look at their menu on their website:

Ir-Rizzu Restaurant
52, Xatt is-Sajjieda
Tel: 21 651569

Restaurants in St. Julians reviews and my top choices:

Considering the fact that St. Julians was once a quiet fishing village it is not surprise that fish restaurants are abundant in this area. The choice is so vast you can try a different fish restaurant every night of the week for a few weeks at least.

Bouzouki Greek Restaurant – As Greece is also in the Mediterranean, they eat a lot of fish just like the Maltese do. Their menu is exquisite and really spoils anyone looking for fish and seafood dishes. The best way to eat in this establishment is by ordering a number of starters each and trying as many different dishes as possible. Starters are a good size but remember that seafood especially shellfish is not very filling, so if you are a big eater ask the waiter how many dishes they recommend.

You can choose between either indoor or outdoor terrace overlooking the harbour. Booking is definitely recommended.

Bouzouki Restaurant
135, Spinola Road
St. Julian’s
Tel: 21 387127

Barracuda – A fine dining fish restaurant situated at the waters edge. Tastefully decorated and with impeccable service this is definitely a restaurant you must try out at least once in a lifetime. Perfect for a variety of occasions from a romantic meal to a business dinner, there is something to please everyone. Private functions and weddings can also be held in this award-winning restaurant.

A string of celebrities have dined at Barracuda such as Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Alex Ferguson, Madonna, Russel Crowe, Arnold Schwarzengger and Claudia Schiffer among many others.

Booking is recommended. Dining is available both indoors and outdoors.

194 Main Street,
St. Julians
Tel: 21 331817

5 thoughts on “Restaurants in Marsaxlokk & St Julians

  1. The Gente di Mare restaurant at M’Xlokk is a disgrace!

    We went for a high class meal (lobster) at the fishing village of Marsaxlokk. We paid high price and we ended up very disappointed. Firstly because we ordered a whole lobster and got half, secondly we got served a Cuban lobster although it was supposed to be a red lobster! I asked explanations to the cook and he simply said that if we visit again in future will try to give us that. I don’t recommend this restaurant at all, the service is very bad.

  2. I have visited most of the restaurants in Marsaxlokk, even the new ones that are mushrooming up. I have to say that some of them are hideous (worst than those in Bugibba) and ‘Gente di Mare’ is a want to be restaurant of that sort.

    Others are really good, my personal favourite is ‘Ix-Xlukkajr’. There is something special about that place, whenever i think fish ix-xlukkajr pops in my head. Lovely family run business. Service is exceptionally good when compared to most restaurants in the South of Malta and the food !!! Give it a go, you will be impressed.

  3. “Gente Di Mare” is an excellent choice for true seafood lovers. Prices are not cheap and choice may be somewhat limited, but definitely a worthy competitor to other nearby restaurants when it comes to fresh and somewhat innovative food. I would recommend it anytime to anyone.

    Enough said – just try it out!
    PS: Always check out the daily specials

  4. Thumbs up for “Gente di Mare” restaurant in M’Xlokk. Very warm and stylish ambiance, fresh food and superb presentation … served with a smile by a team of very dedicated and friendly staff.

    Keep up your excellent work and exceptionally positive attitudes guys!

  5. If you like Asian food, you definitely have to try Zest! Super cool design place and very very nice staff. Also, they have a lot of new food on their menu quiet often, so it is always good to go there.

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