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Lidl Supermarket in MaltaStarting off in Germany as a grocery store in 1930’s Lidl is now one of the leading names in European Supermarkets. Their aim is to sell top quality products at the cheapest possible prices while at the same time being environmentally conscious too. In fact all Lidl fish products are MSC Certified, meaning that they do their utmost to protect the worlds marine resources.

Lidl Supermarket Malta

Since setting up store in Malta a few years back, five stores have already been opened in different localities: St. Venera, San Gwann, Luqa, Safi and the latest addition in Zejtun.

All are immensely popular and busy thanks to their good quality and cheap prices. Their stores are well organised and spacious but we all know that the Maltese do love a bargain (just like everyone else after all) so If you wish to avoid the crowds I would recommend doing your shopping at Lidl during the week in the early afternoon if possible.

List of addresses in Malta:

  1. Triq Triq il-Karmnu, Luqa
  2. Triq San Gwann, Safi
  3. Triq ic-Ciklamini, San Gwann
  4. Triq il-Kappillan Mifsud, Santa Venera
  5. Tal-Barrani Road Ghaxaq, Zejtun

Opening hours for all Lidl Stores:

Monday to Saturday: 7:30 – 19:00
Fridays: 07:30 – 21:00

Arkadia Supermarket

Arkadia have two supermarkets on the Maltese islands. One is located in the Portomaso area in St. Julians in Malta and the other is the Arkadia Shopping Centre in Victoria Gozo. These supermarkets are synonymous with quality and choice and only offer the best brands and products at fair and reasonable prices. They are also renowned for offering a vast range of products related to foreign cuisines, which are difficult to find anywhere else in the Maltese islands.

Free delivery and complementary two-hour parking is available at their Portomaso store for all customers who spend over €15 in store. Orders can also be done over the phone or by email and free delivery is offered if you spend €70 or more. Loyalty schemes are also available. Ask in store or check their website for more information.

Arkadia supermarkets consist of:

  • Butcher
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Fishmonger
  • Deli
  • Frozen foods
  • Car Park


Arkadia Foodstore, Portomaso Car Park, St Julians, Malta – Tel: 21 382333
Arkadia Foodstore, Arkadia Commercial Centre, Victoria, Gozo – Tel: 22 103316

Opening Hours:

Gozo – Monday to Saturday: 08:00 – 19:00
Portomaso – Monday to Saturday: 08:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 09:00 – 13:00

GS Supermarkets

GS is a franchise, which falls under the Carrefour brand, the largest retailer in Europe with over 12,000 stores.

In Malta GS has 9 supermarkets offering high value products throughout at good prices. Each of the nine supermarkets has retained their original names but all fall under the GS brand name. Standard offers can be found in all of these supermarkets.

All GS supermarkets have the same loyalty scheme which can be used in any of the nine supermarkets. More information on their scheme can be found either in store or on their website:


Lasco Discount Store, Triq il-Pres Anton Butti?ie?, ?ejtun – Tel: 21 807667 (7AM – 7PM Mon to Sat)
Park Towers Supermarket, Triq ?or? Bor? Olivier, San ?iljan – Tel: 21 378520 (7.30AM – 7.30PM Mon to Sat)
Park Towers Supermarket, Psaila Street, Santa Venera – Tel: 21 480807 (7.30AM – 7.30PM Mon to Sat)
Shoppers Discount Supermarket, Triq il-Kbira, Mellie?a – Tel: 21 523746 (7.30AM – 7PM Mon to Sat)
Shopwise Discount Store, Triq l-Imdina, Qormi – Tel: 21 466951 (8AM – 7PM Mon to Sat)
Tower Supermarket Complex Ltd, Triq il-Kbira, Sliema – Tel: 21 345586 (8AM – 8PM Mon to Sat)
Trolees Supermarket, Triq il-Merluzz, Qawra – Tel: 21 581772 (7AM – 7PM Mon to Sat)
GS Superstore, Parish Street, Naxxar – Tel: 23 382338 (7.30AM – 7.30PM Daily)

Scotts Supermarkets

I am aware that Scotts have quite a few supermarkets in Malta however I have only used their Burmarrad and Attard branches. As I cannot seem to find their website (is it possible that they don’t have one?) I cannot provide you with much information, except what I know through my own personal experiences.
Their prices are relatively cheap and their product range is vast. However it would be nice if a butcher and a fishmonger would also be available in store (I don’t know if any of their other stores have these). Their fruit and vegetables not the freshest produce either which is a shame as I don’t like to hop around from one place to another to get my shopping done. On the whole though shopping at Scotts is pleasant and economic enough.

As far as I know Scotts have supermarkets in; Attard, Burmarrad, Zabbar, Zejtun and Naxxar. Please feel free to post any further information including opening hours and any other available information.

28 thoughts on “Lidl Supermarket

  1. Veru ghadni ma rajtx bniedem arroganti bhall-manager gewwa Lidl ta’ Hal-Safi! F’lahhar wasal biex jghidli jekk ma joghgbokx tixtrix.

  2. Scotts have stores in Attard, Naxxar, Burmarrad, Santa Lucia, Sliema, Spinola & Zabbar. All the stores apart from Attard & Naxxar have attended Green Grocer stalls. Those at Santa Lucia, Sliema, Spinola & Zabbar all have butchers. Burmarrad will also have a butcher by June.

  3. Today I went to Lidl San Gwann to buy the drill. Not only they had just a few of these drillers left, but they opened the doors at 7.00 am instead of 7.30 am as indicated in the brochure.

    This is not fair for the customers and items like this should be one per customer.This kind of shopping reminds me of war time, when people had to wait in line at the victory kitchen to get their food. This should not be allowed, there should be enough of the product for all customers. We are in 2009 not in 1943! Hope this comment will help improving Lidl Malta in the future.

  4. It would be helpful when you write about these supermarkets, or anywhere to do with food, if you can say who does vegetarian food such as tofu, soya products and who has a large vegetarian section. In Malta it is almost impossible to find food for vegetarians, some of us like to look after our health and not eating meat is the healthy way.

  5. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for your feedback, we will include an article about vegetarian food as soon as possible too.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi, just wanted to check whether you need people to work at Lidl Malta. Will appreciate if you can reply to me.


  7. We used to shop at Scotts but found Pavi a far better store. The prices are good, the staff are polite and friendly and we can get most things under one roof. The butcher’s counter alone makes it worth shopping at Pavi. Scotts’s main problem is the inconsistent stock. Many items only appear once, never to be seen on the shelves again and like most Maltese shops, the customer service is rubbish.

  8. The staff at Lidl Luqa are so sexy! All those gorgeous muscles! Can’t get myself to shop anywhere else! xxx

  9. Oh la la did you know that LIDL are charging €49.99 for a microwave in Ireland? Good price I hear you say – why is it €89 in Malta?

  10. The girls at LIDL Zejtun are really scary, always shouting with people. There’s one in particular very thin always sorting the vegetables really savage too, better you gave her a course how to deal with customers. Everytime you ask her something, she just shouts with you.

  11. The girls at the cash at LIDL St Venera are very few and two of them are arrogant, without any manners. Please do give them training how to deal with customers as these ladies are doing bad name to LIDL.

  12. I have noted a vast improvement in staff attitudes in Scotts (Burmarrad) in recent months since the new manager took over. They manage to smile and say thank you; a big improvement!

  13. What a shame the dirt there is at LIDL Zejtun, went only there yet. I need to go and wash my hands and the toilets are a disgrace, could not even walk on the mess let alone use the sink or the toilet. There isn’t any soap either, just a complete disaster.

  14. Lidl is for a bargain … not customer service … shame you can’t have both!

  15. I’ve been through the clients’ comments. Generally, they don’t make pleasant reading. Customer care service is a sine qua non. Malta, being only a few square metres in overall area, presents a high incidence of competition. Outlet managers should, in a most discreet manner, enforce civility towards their valued customers for the overall benefit of all concerned.

  16. 1. Some people have the habit of getting up early in the morning, visit LIDL to empty all those available specially priced items with the intention of re-selling them at higher prices in open air markets. Usually, these people don’t buy anything else. This is very unfair and unprofitable for LIDL. I think a decision should be taken by which such items should only be sold, to those customers who on that particular day, make a purchase of a specified sum of money, say like 100 or 50 euros, Besides, on this occasion only one item should be sold to each qualifying customer.

    2. I have bought a soldering device which had a plug that does not fit Maltese electrical outlets.

  17. Well, I haven’t yet had close contact with Lidl Supermarket, though the general opinion is that it offers commodities at a reasonable price. I prefer doing online shopping with home delivery. One important and final view I want to express – if staff show any sort of impoliteness, they can be definitively certain that Lidl Malta would be vetoed, and when I decide on an action, it would be executed forthwith with no chance whatsoever of reconciliation … once bitten so many times shy!

  18. I am Ramona from Malta and I am really astonished due to some things. I do not know in other countries what people do in LIDL shops but here in Malta it is incredible. Last week a portable 120 games touch screen video game was to be sold in Malta. It is the second time that this video game was on sale here. I tried to buy this already twice, but people seems to sleep behind LIDL doors to obtain things. I am now asking please if you are going to bring more of these video games as I really wish to obtain one. If a product is so sold why LIDL does not bring more? Always these things are happening here few of the same product, but loads of people to buy it. Can you please bring an other stock of these video games? Thanks, Ramona.

  19. I got a very poor impression of LIDL Supermarket this a.m. No telephone service, and on sending an email, all I got was whether it was a phishing exercise. Very stupid and incompetent management, indeed!

  20. I paid Scotts Supermarket in Burmarrad a visit today. I think it was very good, and it’s huge! There were staff everywhere (15 persons?) which were quite helpful. The Burmarrad supermarket has an excellent range of hair products, which was the reason I went there. Don’t miss the second floor! I almost missed that you can go one stair up. The Scotts website address is:, where you also can find their opening hours.

  21. I’m horrendously disgusted reading negative remarks on LIDL. What the Customer Affairs Office doing? Another shield for government? Malta is lagging behind Thailand, which according to the confused EU is a 3rd world country. Can we have an international rating for our cheap country flooded with disastrous mismanagement?

  22. I have just written an email to both lidl malta and lidl italy. Today they have a microwave for sale which is a highlight of the week. In italy it is being priced at 59.99 euros yet in malta it is 95 euros. Are we stupid or what? Why is there such a difference in price? Aren’t we within the same European Union and with the same currency? It’s unacceptable paying almost double the price. And this thing of not having a telephone number for customers is really a shame. What a disgrace of country.

    I hope someone gets back to me with some sort of response for this injustice to maltese clients. Does being in Malta mean being robbed of your hard earned money?

  23. Hi, can anyone suggest a supermarket in Valletta that is likely to be open on a public holiday (Fri 10th February)? Thanks.

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